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[–]duckyhs- New or rearrival. • 14 points 11 hours ago 

I thought Guccifer 2.0 was already deemed a dnc insider job because of edited metadata english to russian and a russian named edited/added to the doc and file transfer rates on the docs leaked. We know from vault 7 ip's can be manipulated etc. I thought this was common knowledge.

[–]WinkyLinQ- Stay strong. - Q • 24 points 13 hours ago* 

So SB, are you saying that Mueller is falsely accusing Russia using a "planted" IP address, and in turn Russia will reveal all about the hoax that is the Trump dossier?

Can you clarify?

[–]SerialBrain2- March madness. - Q[S] • 23 points 13 hours ago 

Yes, and more than that: where the bodies are buried. Remember Comey said to Congress Gufccifer's claim he hacked H's private server was a lie. Why did he need to plant that?
Now, about the IP reverse engineering, you have the explanation why RT had to go. Only loyal Pompeo can pull off the link between intelligence, diplomacy and politics.

[–]WinkyLinQ- Stay strong. - Q • 8 points 12 hours ago 

Thanks, so let me confirm:

Guicifer = Accused Hillary email hacker, which Comey denied was involved in the hacking. Real Name: Marcel Lazăr Lehel

Guicifer 2.0 = Accused DNC email hacker. Real Name: Unknown

Do I have this accurately stated?

[–]airbusstack- New or rearrival. • 4 points 12 hours ago 


[–]SerialBrain2- March madness. - Q[S] • 2 points 10 hours ago 

Yes! For clarity, please check the story line I gave to SuzyAz down here.


[–]SuzyAZ- Where we go one, we go All. - Q • 3 points 11 hours ago* 

How long a process will this new Mueller investigation of Guccifer take? Will Mueller release the "motherlode?" And why would people believe it is accurate coming from the Russians? Explain this a bit further.

[–]SerialBrain2- March madness. - Q[S] • 9 points 11 hours ago 

Ok, I'll try to summarize the story line we get from Q's board:

The Russian probe is initially about Trump. But Trump made the bet to return it to a Clinton/Obama issue: "Dead cat bounce". Before Mueller can get to them, he has to solve the Trump equation. That's why they called Trump the insurance policy: they used him as a shield. That's the setting.

Now bottom line is this: Q834: HRC open source. That's the ultimate target. That's what Trump wants to get to: "because you'd be in jail". Mueller and Horowitz need to find a legal way to that open source server. If they find their way through, it's game over: treason. Guccifer claimed to have hacked that server and said about that server: '"it was like an open orchid on the Internet..it was easy ... easy for me, for everybody." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guccifer. This confirms Q834. They had to shut down this claim because it would have opend the pandora box. This is why Comey said last summer to Congress that claim was untrue. So the weak spot is Guccifer but it's shut down; How do you re-open it?

You create Guccifer 2.0 who can be anybody, created with CIA's ability to connect any IP to anyone. This is why Pompeo being at State is critical. Now that he is there, intelligence and diplomacy can be combined to have a common story with Putin: Guccifer 2.0 comes with his story and Trump is cleared. This cooperation between Trump and Putin is necessary for this to happen. This is why they tried to make it impossible right after Trump was elected.

Final step: now that Trump is not a target anymore, the road is open to go back to the old Guccifer's claims and verify them, which Comey never did. That's where the server blows wide open: Q834 HRC open source. SAP. JP. TP. Highest levels of US-G. U1. NK. And all majors players are exposed: Q701 Top 10 player [here now].

You see the plot? They put all their chips on Trump being neutralized before Sessions/Horowitz/Mueller could legally get to the private server. He was the insurance policy, the dead cat. But then, it bounced!

[–]WinkyLinQ- Stay strong. - Q • 2 points 9 hours ago 

This is the best article I've found on Crowdstrike, the firm hired by Perkins Coie to investigate the DNC hacking. As you know, Perkins Coie is also the law firm who hired Fusion GPS who paid Christoper Steele for the Trump dossier. Crowdstrike was funded by Google and a Ukrainian Billionare, who is anti Putin. They have links to the Clinton Foundation and Evelyn Farkas.


[–]SerialBrain2- March madness. - Q[S] • 4 points 9 hours ago 

Thank you Winky, Crowdstrike's employee refusing to testify shows it is another weak link. I believe it will be among the first dominoes that will fall/flip when it will be clear to most people what Mueller is really doing.

[–]roloTM- New or rearrival. • 3 points 11 hours ago 

I remember you told us that Tracy Beanz had it figured out too! (MUST WATCH: Guccifer 2.0 Ties up Everything https://youtu.be/kB0zCpNGhVE)

[–]GoldenTarot- Re read drops. - Q • 3 points 11 hours ago 

Are there any plays that you can think of that have a direct link to the world stage play structure or event wise?

Great post.

[–]SerialBrain2- March madness. - Q[S] • 3 points 10 hours ago 

Thanks! If you've seen my occult series posts, you know I get everything from Holy Books. I said several times I believe they are listing all the Eternal Archetypes from which human history feeds off to create its events. Nothing new under the sun...

[–]SerialBrain2- March madness. - Q[S] • 10 points 10 hours ago 

Just for fun: this is the story of Moses Trump. The priests looked into the stars and warned Pharaoh about the possible birth of a child that would destroy his empire. Since Pharaoh's religion was based on him incarnating Ra, he was God on earth and therefore a...globalist. Fearing the outcome of such a birth, he gave instructions to socially kill all children answering to the description using name calling, lies, censorship and the magic of the medias. What is magic? The alteration of reality using covert means: CNN. The Pharaoh Globalist did not know when he accepted Moses Trump in his royal palace giving him all sorts of favors until he became a system-billionaire, that this child was the very child he was looking for. When Moses Trump reached maturity, he realized the premises on which the kingdom was created and ran were unjust. He started questioning everything: the rigged elections, the fake news magicians and the slavery Globalist Pharaoh imposed to his People. He went to the desert and the armies of light met him there to initiate him to the Truth. Admiral Rodgers gave him the staff with which he would defeat the magicians and his brother Aaron fortified his hand with generals that were eager to free their people and get their revenge against Obama Haman the Military Purger... :)

[–]GoldenTarot- Re read drops. - Q • 3 points 10 hours ago 

That is beautiful. Truly beautiful.

Do you have a Youtube channel by chance?

[–]SerialBrain2- March madness. - Q[S] • 1 point 9 hours ago 

I don't! I like writing. May be one day... Thank you!

[–]GoldenTarot- Re read drops. - Q • 2 points 9 hours ago 

Totally understandable, will definitely check out your other posts.

Thanks :D

[–]SerialBrain2- March madness. - Q[S] • 2 points 9 hours ago 

You welcome! :D

[–]mkwilton- Expand your thinking. - Q • 5 points 12 hours ago 

On the surface of it, this post is almost reasonable, compared to your others, SB2.

However, you "told us" why the Florida False Flag shooting occurred, although you have no evidence or reason for why your knowledge is confirmed to be fact and should be accepted so simply. You actually said the reason the Florida shooting occurred is because you 'discovered' the message: "SHE NEWS PILED GF 14 14 14"... NONSENSE. Pure gibberish. "news piled" is not even a term so you rearrange the words to make sense - so if we'd discovered "news GF 14 PILED 14 SHE 14" you'd extract the same meaning? OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE.

You did not "tell us" that Guccifer would find its way to the news cycle, you extracted the letters GF and decided that meant Guccifer who was already a known element in the Russia collusion narrative so I'd back off rushing to call that evidence of an accurate prediction. But of course, the shill crew will upvote this to oblivion and we're all naysayers for daring to question the impeccable logic of the mighty SerialBrain2. Kudos to you sir, your disinfo campaign is a roaring success.

[–]SerialBrain2- March madness. - Q[S] • 9 points 12 hours ago 

A tiny step is still a step. I'll take it.
I am still hoping to see my posts be beneficial to you one day and to also learn from you.

[–]GrenC2- Godspeed. - Q • 4 points 10 hours ago 

❤ SB, you are a class act. Thank you for being so.

[–]KissToad- Where we go one, we go All. - Q • 2 points 9 hours ago 

This is a really good overview of MKULTRA https://www.wanttoknow.info/bluebird10pg

[–]SerialBrain2- March madness. - Q[S] • 4 points 9 hours ago 

Great find! The article says: "These subjects have clearly demonstrated that they can pass from a fully awake state to a deep H controlled state via the telephone, via some very subtle signal that cannot be detected by other persons in the room, and without the other individuals being able to note the change..."

This is how they made an attempt on Trump, link provided by Q: video.

[–]KissToad- Where we go one, we go All. - Q • 2 points 8 hours ago 

Yes I heard the person had no memory of this!

[–]SerialBrain2- March madness. - Q[S] • 2 points 8 hours ago 

I will re-post the AI/Sarin post. It deals with this issue.

[–]ByrdeRob- Why is this relevant? - Q • 2 points 4 hours ago 

So, I thought this Wed 4 am was telling people about Trump's messed up tweet that he put out. The code in the tweet was HAS TWO, STILLS. In other words, the meeting on Nov 22 (see qposts for that day), the treason meeting of all the players from media, gov, Mark Zuck Rizvi Transverse etc (listed on that post #959)....there is evidence. These bad players are going down because Snowden over in Shanghai was able to spy on them, got photos (stills) and audio. (evidently Snowden flipped into a double agent.) Thus today, we see Mark Zuckerberg interviewing with Wired magazine saying "I'll trade your internet freedom for [my] safety. (who cares about Sheryl Sandberg?) You can see pictures of Trump's messed up tweet (no longer visible on his twitter account) here on reddit.


Vehicle attempts to ram Presidential Motorcade in Springfield, MO+3 - Great find! The article says: "These subjects have clearly demonstrated that they can pass from a fully awake state to a deep H controlled state via the telephone, via some very subtle signal that cannot be detected by other persons in the room, and ...

MUST WATCH: Guccifer 2.0 Ties up Everything+2 - I remember you told us that Tracy Beanz had it figured out too! (MUST WATCH: Guccifer 2.0 Ties up Everything )

Who will have the last laugh?+1 - but the think the news story is propaganda. hope you have time to listen to this news story.

I'm a bot working hard to help Redditors find related videos to watch. I'll keep this updated as long as I can.

[–]KissToad- Where we go one, we go All. - Q • 1 point 12 hours ago 

Nice work I saw that Guccifer story, right after it all broke. I hope we get to the bottom on how they are manipulating these kids! I have my theories off board, based on Q posts. Did you know they do genetic testing on mentally ill people. Yes it’s portrayed as a wonderful new advancement in what medicines could work for you the best. I like to think Dr Do No Harm but I am wondering if it is also used for nefarious purposes to!

[–]SerialBrain2- March madness. - Q[S] • 3 points 10 hours ago 

Yes! Did you see Q776 about that?! Frightening and scandalous!

[–]KissToad- Where we go one, we go All. - Q • 4 points 9 hours ago 

Yes!!!!!!! I am very curious about Q’s question What is ((Mayo/Clinic)) any relation to these kids?

[–]SerialBrain2- March madness. - Q[S] • 3 points 9 hours ago 

That would not surprise me. Jennifer Hoffman established the existence of a tunnel network: link1 and this anon made the connection to U1: link2.

These people are SICK.

[–]KissToad- Where we go one, we go All. - Q • 2 points 9 hours ago 

Thanks for sharing those!!! I am glad to read other peoples digs. I should follow some of those channels!

[–]SerialBrain2- March madness. - Q[S] • 2 points 9 hours ago 

You welcome! That is the magic of open research: you can learn from anyone. Happy hunting!

[–]jhock3- Eyes on. - Q • 2 points 8 hours ago 

Thanks for your hard work. It makes sense to me.

[–]staxmntna- New or rearrival. • 3 points 8 hours ago 

Research who is on the board of directors for the Mayo Clinic. You'll see many familiar names.

[–]adogrocket- Where we go one, we go All. - Q • 1 point 9 hours ago 

Another on target post. There is alway a secret within a secret.

[–]chocolatepatriot- How bad is the corruption? - Q • 1 point 11 hours ago 

Hi SB2: must watch this, someone in this post (scorpiopatriot) - posted it... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHvB6ltL3R4&feature=youtu.be

[–]SerialBrain2- March madness. - Q[S] • 1 point 10 hours ago 

Hi, answered to you in your above comment.

[–]TrueCat- Promises made. Promises kept. - Q • 0 points 13 hours ago 

Everyone was trying to figure out the 4 AM thing, and I think you've got it, SB2! I didn't even think of the 4 AM Mockingbird news drop!

[–]SerialBrain2- March madness. - Q[S] • 3 points 12 hours ago 

I will write one day about this 4am thing in the occult series. They did not pick this time just because of industrial imperatives. There is a heavy occult component underneath.

[–]roloTM- New or rearrival. • 2 points 11 hours ago 

Look forward to it! Thank you!

[–]Gottistnichttot • 1 point 2 hours ago 

Yes, please -- the sooner the better! :) And when you do, could you also bring the fact into the equation that it's always 4am somewhere on earth? Thanks!

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