What is the Wrap-Up-Smear?  

Q asked us specifically to "Archive" and "Repost" this video snippet.   So I did Archive it - Recently however, It was requested that I remove the video from the site. 

So I am honoring this request and have done so. 

So - In case you are looking for it - I am no longer posting the video directly on this site. 


Q has referred to this term three separate times however, [see pic below].

Additionally In 2360 Q specifically asked anons to


and in 2359 Q asked anons to


Here is the link to the explanation of "what is a Wrap-up-Smear"

(This link was archived by another anon & Link provided by Q it is off site - not here)

The Wrap up Smear as explained by Congresswoman P. - in full context:


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