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Post # 208 - HUSSEIN, a Cult 93 Priest.

Are you enjoying the show?

Did you detect in the comms where the Maestro validated my last article on Cult 93 that I gave you for Christmas?

He coded it in his New Years Eve Press Gaggle. Let’s see if you can figure it out: video

Did you catch it? Did you see how FLOTUS was enjoying the comms as the Maestro was conducting his New Year Sonata?


Did you notice he started with a question from Kevin and ended by thanking Kevin? Value for KEVIN? Yes: 61. Value for QANON? Hahaha!

This interview has many gems and explosive revelations. Try to spot them. For now, I‘ll show you where he placed the Cult 93 article confirmation. It’s right here: until 2:20

For your training, spend some time on this and try to solve the riddle. Here is the solution: Img1

Do you realize the magnitude of this?

Everything I told you about Cult 93, the C_A, 9/11, Aleister Crowley, Barbara Bush, the Bush Family, HUSSEIN, Soros, the nude body scanner scam, the unzipping of our DNA and the targeting of our children is now confirmed by no other than POTUS himself.

Did you detect Cult 93’s explosive response to the article? Look around. Watch the news. Do you realize we are entering the very critical zone where they’ve been hiding for centuries?

My advice?

Q1640 Info shared highly sensitive. Q


Now that you are familiar with Cult 93, did you follow the HUSSEIN tangent I provided and discover what this C_A asset is truly about and what he was really trying to achieve with the nude body scanners?

You needed to detect that HUSSEIN is a prominent and very active member of Cult 93.

Did you catch the video where he stated that he looked like the Egyptian priest Qar? Let’s watch, it was during his visit to Giza in June 2009: video

First, with the eagle eye you now have to spot the number, you caught the Associated Press coded 93 in the length of the video right? 1:38=>[1+8][3]=>93.

Second, did you decode why HUSSEIN was wearing black and white that day? When is the exact date of his visit to Giza? What does it mean? Here is the solution and an introduction to the Pythagoras Rule: Img2

Who are the math geniuses among you who can tell me where in the comms the Maestro taught the Pythagoras Rule that I’ve introduced above? You thought I created it out of thin air? No no no. Everything I tell you comes from the comms. This is why my articles are rewarded with confirmations from the Maestro and Q. This is the reason I echo Q insisting that you learn the comms and always share my thought process with you:

Q181 Everything has to be carefully crafted and tooled prior to release.

Q3414 Only Anons can fully appreciate the continued 'validation(s)/confirmation(s) thru covert' (series of mathematically impossible coincidences) means in order to maintain structural integrity. [Wheels up] Q

Q1225 Learn our comms. Q

The Pythagoras Rule was revealed here: until 8:45.

Did you catch it? Here is the solution: lmg3

Now that we know the territory, let’s keep the Luciferian Grid Img4 somewhere in the back of our head and analyze the video in more detail: Img5

As you can see, AP made this coded montage to document HUSSEIN’s agenda for Cult 93 and family Y, the progress of their plan targeting our DNA in the Luciferian Grid and Ban Ki Moon’s active complicity.

Are you surprised Ban Ki Moon is one of them? You should not. The UN and its byproducts are tools vital to Cult 93’s agenda against our children and mankind. Look at the similarity: Img6

For these very simple reasons related to pedophilia and the preservation of the money flow, the Pope and the Secretary General of the UN are picked among Cult 93’s most compromised and most docile puppets. Here are open source pieces on Ban Ki Moon that I’ve assembled for you to see through the Fake News and the C_A glitter: Img7

Back to Hussein.

So far, we’ve established he’s a Cult 93 puppet who channels dead Egyptian priests trough rituals to serve Family Y in their millennial satanic war against our DNA. We’ve identified Ban Ki Moon and more generally the UN as his accomplices.

Let’s continue.

Did you see the photoshopped picture of HUSSEIN wearing a Crowley tee-shirt? It was first published by a Crowley fan website here and debunked by Snopes here. Did you notice that in response to the Snopes article, the Crowley fan website randomly linked to an article about Barbara Bush and Crowley? Take a minute and ask yourself why. Here is the solution: Img8

From this magician trick and the coordinated effort, we gather it is very important for Cult 93 that you don’t know the truth about the Barbara Bush/Crowley connection.

But there’s more.

Did you notice how Snopes misspelled Aleister? Why did they specifically mention the year Crowley died? Why did they specify the date of the Decorah News article reporting about HUSSEIN’s visit to Team Rehab? What are the odds HUSSEIN entered Team Rehab with a grey tee-shirt, took a picture with a kid wearing a grey tee-shirt and was offered another grey tee-shirt? Can you solve?

Here’s the solution: Img9

As you can see, everything HUSSEIN was doing was staged, prepared and executed with people in the know that shared the same satanic belief system and with C_A ties. You thought he would randomly pick a gym or a bar for a media op? No no no. Locations and people were carefully picked within the Cult 93 network to deliver messages and make local connections for hot dog and pizza parties…

Q3427 These people are sick. Hunters become the HUNTED. Q

For those who have paid attention, can you spot where HUSSEIN coded Family Y in his riddle? Hint: Does the kid’s name fit in a square triangle?

We’ve established in the Cult 93 article that the body scanners were used to build a database of energy signatures and to unzip the DNA in order to secure read/write capabilities for spying and genetic alteration purposes. Here’s a summarizing image: Img10

Of course, you caught this remote access to our quantum biology is done through big tech, devices like our mobile phones and the information exchanged at the cellular level. The Witch knew this very well and this is why she used Blackberry which was the only device that was out of the quantum programming grid. Now you know why they had to dismantle Blackberry.

Q777 Why is Big Pharma essential? Expand your thinking past cures. Think Google [new Pixel phone]. Think Apple [vs. Samsung]. Why was Blackberry destroyed? We can guide but you must organically uncover the TRUTH. THEY are watching. ARCHIVE EVERYTHING OFFLINE. Q

What is the application of such remote DNA programming capabilities when you are a Satanist, channel dead Egyptian Priests and continue the Pharaoh’s war against the Children of Israel and the killing of the first born babies? Again.


Remember: Pharaoh and his armies drowned in the Red Sea but his family stayed home. In other words, his lineage is still around us and they HATE the descendants of those who caused them to lose their world dominance. Now you know why Hitler targeted Jews and why Anti-Semitism is showing its ugly face in the US after hiding in the shadows for decades. It has always been there but they were concealing it behind layers of hypocrisy and deceiving policies.

Puzzle coming together?

I am telling you the nude body scanners were specifically targeting Jews and by extent those in whose DNA there is a story that is incompatible with their Satanic world order agenda.

Who are those people? It’s right here:

Then God said, “Yes, but your wife Sarah will bear you a son, and you will call him Isaac. I will establish my covenant with him as an everlasting covenant for his descendants after him. And as for Ishmael, I have heard you: I will surely bless him; I will make him fruitful and will greatly increase his numbers. He will be the father of twelve rulers, and I will make him into a great nation. Genesis 17:19-20

In these verses, God revealed the seeds he placed in the House of Abraham to govern our world: the covenant through Isaac culminating with the Messiah and the twelve rulers through Ishmael.

This is the DNA Cult 93 is after. This is what the BUSH and HUSSEIN nude body scanners were all about. This is the reason they hate the communities that came out of the House and Abraham and explains their extreme effort to infiltrate, divide, rebrand and destroy.

This divine light placed in the House of Abraham is the light George H.W. Bush was hoping to replace with his network of satanic secret societies and their “thousands points of light”

Here’s HUSSEIN’s contribution to this agenda and the true meaning of the deceptive mantra he sold to America: Img11

I told you and I’ll tell you again. In addition to illegal immigration as commonly understood, this is the type of threat the project called The Wall also deals with.

Q1009 The WALL means more than you know. The FIGHT for the WALL is for so much more. Q

Did you catch the Maestro’s response to this satanic plot? It’s right here: until 1:00:58

Now you know what Cult 93 and the C_A were trying to achieve, the metaphysical meaning of “illegal immigration” in the Maestro’s comms and what The Wall and the Space Force are really about.



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